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so it goes [userpic]
Second Challenge Match Done
by so it goes (brianshame)
at February 19th, 2006 (03:21 am)

After another long session, Jacob and I concluded our second challenge match. The game was Five Card Draw, starting stacks of $250 and 3/6 limits. The limits went up twice, to 4/8 and then to 5/10, before I finally busted Jacob for all his chips. My strategy was basically to take advantage of Jacob's aggression by betting often before the draw with solid holdings and check-raising after the draw. I started out playing very conservatively and was able to lure a few bluffs out of Jacob later in the game. Jacob was clearly less wary about putting money in the middle than I was and was able to build and take down a lot of key pots; he was consistently aggressive and managed to bluff me off a few weak pairs. The game was fast and aggressive, but I think if we hadn't brought the limits up it may never have ended.

Our next game is Stud, in which Jacob has more experience than I, and then Pot Limit Hold Em, another game that I expect will make for a very difficult match. Jacob generally has a better feel for Pot and No Limit games than I do so I'm just hoping for the best in some of the more fast-paced games to come.


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